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Description: Date shot: September 22, 2006
Zone VI 8x10, Nikkor 450mm
Velvia 50
F/90 @ 2 minutes
Singh-Ray 5-stop neutral density filter

Drum scanned @ 2000dpi, 16bit on a Howtek 4500– color-corrected at this stage

Printed on Kodak Endura Matte on a Lightjet at A&I, Los Angeles, CA

This image was a challenge in the sense that I was rushed through the entire process of capture. I live in Venice Beach, which is part of Los Angeles County, and the Salton Sea is near Palm Springs, which is about a 2-3 hour drive depending on traffic. On this particular day, sunset was at 6:43pm, and considering that I left my house around 2:30, I felt that I had plenty of time to get to this location, which I had previously scouted the week before. Unfortunately, traffic was horrendous, and this caused me to arrive with only minutes to spare before the direct light was lost behind a mountain.

This tree is located in an isolated area several miles south of North Shore. After pushing my way through traffic and reaching open road, I raced across the single-lane desert highway nearing 100mph, all the while watching the sun descend lower and lower in the sky. I was stressing out that I was going to lose the light and have this trip be for naught. I finally reached my location with minutes to spare, parked my truck, and loaded up with gear, which consisted of a photo vest, F64 backpack, Gitzo 1325 tripod, and Artic Zone soft case loaded with film holders. I ran across the desert as fast as I could over several hundred meters of soft sand and chaparral and then tromped the remaining twenty meters through some of the stinkiest and thickest black muck I had ever seen. I think this was an accumulation of many years of decaying fish, because there was an encrusted layer on top of the muck made up of thousands of dead fish for as far as the eye could see along water’s edge.

Completely out of breath and with the sun just starting to touch the mountainous ridge in the west, I set up my camera and exposed three sheets of film, with the first one being the keeper.

Once developed, I drum-scanned this on a Howtek 4500 at 2000dpi, 16bit and color-corrected at this stage for the heavy magenta cast as a result of the long exposure and 5ND filter. The resulting file was 1.7GB, which is a lofty amount of information to juggle in Photoshop, certainly a test of my patience. Aside from cleaning any dust and dirt, I felt that no further manipulations were necessary to the image, so a simple re-sizing and sharpening for print were done.

P.S. For any that received my print with notes attached, please be aware that some details were incorrect, and they have have been corrected here.
Date: 05.15.2009 08:58
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